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"Eden Mini Homes designs and builds some of the most creative and beautiful tiny homes in Michigan!"

Our builders with over 60 years of combined experience, produce high quality custom built homes. We will work with you, from the first meeting to the final nail, to ensure that your eden mini home makes your tiny house dream a reality.

From initial design to final product, our results speak for themselves. We can build from pre-existing plans or design a completely custom home. With a team of professionals who prioritize top quality service, we’re sure you’ll be satisfied with the excellent results we’ll deliver.



We are looking for individuals, investors or developers with land, funds or other resources who are interested in collaborating with us on eden mini home communities, rentals, parks or other projects.

Tiny Home Communities

Be a part of something amazing by joining us in a Tiny Home Community venture. We’re looking for development partners who have land and the vision to do something great with it.

Tiny Home Parks

Support the movement and grow your revenue stream by welcoming tiny house owners to your RV park. We’ll partner with you to make your park accessible and appealing to tiny house owners.

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